40383152_716415338706110_1313452676163305472_nAlyssa Harmon is the editor-in-chief for Papercut. She was the 2017 Alpha Xi Phi chapter president and is 2018’s vice president.   She is working on an English Writing Studies major and Mass Communication minor at USFSP.  She’s had several pieces published in Papercut Literary Journal, USFSP Hercampus, The Merrimack Review, Minerva Rising, Odet Journal, and The Wild World

Alyssa has a little cocker-spaniel/poodle mix named Carly. She loves The Office and has watched the season in its entirety at least nine times.



69506_4682699341239_2040361896_nEmma Hamilton is the editor of Papercut. She is a senior majoring in English Writing Studies. She is currently working on her first novel and plans to attend graduate school after completion of her undergraduate degree at University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. Her work has been published in Papercut Literary Journal. She also plays the banjo and eats plenty of oranges. 



42255680_253847412139535_4597723320266260480_nAlyssa Haskel is the editorial assistant for Papercut. She is currently a senior working toward a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Literature and Cultural Studies, with a minor in History. She is a caffeine fiend and a fervent supporter of local cafes. In her off time, she enjoys the downtown St. Petersburg scene with all its delicious food and art. She has a furbaby-dog named Joey who is the absolute light of her life. 


IMG_0211April Carter is the social media marketer for Papercut; she runs the Facebook page and promotes the journal. She is an education major with an English minor at USFSP. She has a passion for English literature and her goal is to one day teach literature at the high school level.